Are you looking for a professional partner to provide your battery power solution?  

Our battery systems group has been designing and manufacturing batteries for industrial devices for many years.

The company has extensive battery knowledge and is familiar with different chemistries on both primary and rechargeable battery systems, selecting the most suitable battery power solution that will fulfil customer requirements.

  • Designed and manufactured to help reduce time to Market and costs.
  • Rigorously tested to meet the UN transportation requirements UN38.3.
  • All lithium packs are shipped correctly following UN safety standards for packaging and shipping.

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in a broad spectrum of applications, including:

  • Medical Devices – Medical Carts, handheld devices, surgical equipment, monitoring and many others
  • Industrial OEM – Data Logging, Portable Electronic Devices, Sensors and Environmental Monitoring
  • Electric Vehicles – AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) and NRMM
  • LED Lighting – Emergency & Exit Lights and Solar Street Lights
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The following section shows specifications for available battery packs, along with links to their data sheets and test summary reports.

If there are any battery packs from the table below, or if you would like to ask for further advice, please contact us.


Lithium-ion Packs

Model C (Ah) E (Wh) L (mm)B (mm)H (mm)UL cert. IEC62133 Max. Current (A)Smart BatteryUN38.3 Report
PA L1008.R0030.82.75214.617.5n/aon demand1.4n/aTSR
PA L19.R0072.257.86718.522n/aon demand2.2n/aTSR
PA L746.R0022.2515.84671941n/aon demand3HDQ & I²CTSR
PA LN19.R0032.959.86718.522n/an/a2.2n/aTSR
PA LNB19 C17UL.4.1.R0023.3515671922UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
DB PA L24313.412.3672.525.2522*²UL2054IEC62133-2:20172.5*³SMBus* (I²C)TSR
PA INB19 C17UL.4.2.R0023.512.72671922UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
PA LNB19.R0013.35126718.522n/an/a2.35n/aTSR 
PA INB154.R0013.512.78n/a18.571UL2054Ed.:20171.7n/aTSR
PA L46.R0044.515.2671922n/an/a2.5n/aTSR
PA LNB46 C17UL.4.1.R0026.724671941UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
PA LNB46E C17UL.4.1.R0026.7246722.536UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
PA INB46 C17UL.4.2.R002725.44671941UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
PA INB46E C17UL.4.2.R002725.446722.536UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
PA LNB33 C17UL.4.1.R00210.0536671960UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
PA LNB33E C17UL.4.1.R00210.05366722.555.5UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
PA INB33 C17UL.4.2.R00210.537.16671960UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
PA INB33E C17UL.4 2 R00210.538.166722.555.5UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
PA INB33X C17UL.4.2.R00210.538.16663638UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
PA LNB33X C17UL.4.1.R00210.0536663638UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
PA LNB55 C17UL.4.1.R00213.448671976UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
PA LNB55E C17UL.4.1.R00213.4486722.573UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
PA LNB55Q C17UL.4.1.R00213.448673742UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
PA INB55 C17UL.4.2.R0021450.88671976UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
PA INB55E C17UL.4.2.R0021450.886722.573UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR 
PA INB55Q C17UL.4.2.R0021450.88673742UL2054IEC62133-2: 20173n/aTSR
PA L2017.R00352.2176.4147.6862.3496.9n/an/a25n/aTSR
ModelC (Ah)E (Wh)L (mm)B (mm)H (mm)UL cert.IEC62133Max. Current (A)Smart BatteryUN38.3 Report
PA L2304.R0021.043.74143.56.5UL2054IEC62133-2: 20172n/aTSR
PA L236.R0011.154.334.26.356n/an/a2.3n/aTSR
PA IEC L36.R0011.24.735742on demand2nd Ed.:20132n/aTSR
PA L2138.R0012.48511141on demand2nd Ed.:20132n/aTSR
PA IEC LN2.R0012.48351156on demand2nd Ed.:20132.2n/aTSR
PA L2238.R0014.716521276n/aIEC62133-2:20172n/aTSR
PA L2280.R0019.4481461142n/a2nd Ed.:20133n/aTSR
Model C (Ah) E (Wh) L (mm) B (mm) H (mm) UL cert. IEC62133 Max. Current(A)Smart BatteryUN38.3 Report
PA LHC19.R0012.99.86718.623n/aon demand10n/aTSR
PA LHC46.R0015.819.66718.641n/aon demand10n/aTSR
PA LHC33.R0018.729.46718.659n/aon demand10n/aTSR
PA LHC55.R00111.639.26718.677n/aon demand10n/aTSR
PA LHC66.R00114.5496718.695n/aon demand10n/aTSR
PA LHC77.R00117.458.86718.6113n/aon demand10n/aTSR


C (Ah)E (Wh)L (mm)B (mm)H (mm)UL cert.IEC62133Max. Current (A)Smart Battery

UN38.3 Report

PA LS19.R00141545.519.771on demandon demand3HDQ & I²CTSR
PA LS419.R00141545.519.771on demandon demand3n/aTSR
Model C (Ah) E (Wh) L (mm) B (mm) H (mm) UL cert. IEC62133 Max Current(A)Smart Battery UN38.3 Report
PA L76.R0022.257.636.61971n/an/a3n/aTSR
PA LNB76 C17UL.4.13.3524371971UL2054Ed.:20174.875n/aTSR
PA INB76 C17UL.4.23.525.44371971UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
PA LNB162 C17UL.4.16.748731971UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
PA LNB162L C17UL.4.16.7483819136UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
PA LNB162Q C17UL.4.16.74837.535.571UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
PA INB162 C17UL.4.2750.88731971UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
PA INB162L C17UL.4.2750.883819136UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
PA INB162Q C17UL.4.2750.8837.537.571UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
PA LNB2006F C17UL.4.110.05721101971UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
PA LNB2006L C17UL.4.110.05725519136UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
PA LNB2006Q C17UL.4.110.05725537.571UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
PA INB2006F C17UL.4.210.576.321101971UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
PA INB2006L C17UL.4.210.576.325519136UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
PA INB2006Q C17UL.4.210.576.325537.571UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
PA LNB175L C17UL.4.113.4967519136UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
PA LNB175Q C17UL.4.113.4967537.571UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
PA INB175L C17UL.4.214101.76371971UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
PA INB175Q C17UL.4.214101.767537.571UL2054Ed.:20175n/aTSR
ModelC (Ah)  E (Wh)L (mm)B (mm)H (mm)UL cert.IEC62133Max. Current (A)Smart BatteryUN38.3 Report
PA LNB117 R0023.35481343825UL20542nd Ed.:20135SMBus* (I²C)TSR
PA LNB126.R0023.35487318.571.5n/an/a3n/aTSR 
PA LNB217.R0026.7961343843on demandon demand5SMBus* (I²C)TSR
PA L1410.R00222.530424514072on demandon demand20SMBus* (I²C)TSR
Model C (Ah) E (Wh) L (mm) B (mm) H (mm) UL cert. IEC62133 Max. Current(A)Smart BatteryUN38.3 Report
PA L1022.R0066.751481486198on demandon demand10n/aTSR

PA L1710.R00-1

2968624517072on demandon demand25n/aTSR

*The SMBus name and logo are marks of SMIF | *²swelling of battery at end of life 1 to 1.3mm | *³see data sheet | *TSR – Test Summary Report 

LiFePo4 Packs

Model C (Ah) E (Wh) L (mm)B (mm)H (mm)UL cert. IEC62133 Max. Current (A)Smart BatteryUN38.3 Report
PA-LEP1014. R0011.823.047418.671.5on demandon demand1.8SMBus* (I²C)TSR
PA-LEP1015. R0013.646.087437.571.5on demandon demand3SMBus* (I²C)TSR
PA-LEP1235. R0013.848.6410926.775.8on demandon demand8n/aTSR
PA-LEP1270. R0027.697.281506590*²UL2054IEC62133-2:201710*³n/aTSR
PA-LEP2430. R001376.81506590*²on demandon demand30*³n/aTSR (soon)

*The SMBus name and logo are marks of SMIF | *²Height incl. contacts 97mm | *³See Data Sheet

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