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Fairfield has an extensive reach and network having been established for over 20 years. During this time, we have built up strong partnerships with the world’s leading industrial and consumer battery manufacturers. We have a comprehensive network and secure supply chain allowing us to access the right battery technology to suit all applications from alkaline, lead acid, NiMH, lithium, and lithium-ion. We have access to multiple partners and supply global brands which include:


GS Yuasa are one of the world’s largest global manufacturers of Lead-Acid and Lithium-ion batteries. GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd have been Europe’s leading battery supplier and the number one choice for performance and reliability. GS Yuasa Europe’s product range includes some of the most well-recognised, trusted, and high-quality battery products for use in a diverse range of industrial and standby power applications.

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Perhaps the best-known manufacturer and brand of consumer wholesale batteries worldwide. Duracell is the leading brand in the consumer market and under the Procell brand, has been the leading supplier of industrial batteries in the UK. The Procell range is designed for the professional end-users in the Security, Safety, Smart Home, Infrastructure, and Medical. Procell by Duracell – reliable energy for Professionals.

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Saft are focused on delivering cells and solutions designed for business applications. These are adapted to the specific needs of a wide range of users. You will find batteries manufactured by Saft used in

  • Utility Metering
  • Tracking
  • Security
  • Oil and Gas
  • Military & Defence
  • Oceanographic
  • Internet of Things
  • Industrial devices



Tadiran bobbin-type lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) cells are considered to be the most energetic and reliable batteries in the world: delivering unrivalled energy density, high capacity, and high pulse capability to power increasingly sophisticated technology.
Tadiran Batteries are the leading Manufacturer of Primary non-rechargeable lithium batteries. Their batteries are used in many thousands of applications.

  • Asset Tracking systems
  • Gas and Electricity
  • Meters
  • Smart Meters
  • Tracking Devices
  • Alarms
  • Wireless Transmission Devices



Panasonic produces a range of cells utilising different chemistry and sizes. From alkaline and NiMH to lithium and lithium-ion, Panasonic’s range is vast, covering sizes from CR coin cells to D cells and beyond.

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