The Celltech / Addtech group

Addtech is a Swedish listed technology solution group. The business consists of more than 150 subsidiaries that sell high-tech products and solutions to customers, primarily in the manufacturing industry and infrastructure in about 20 countries. Addtech creates optimal conditions for the subsidiaries’ profitability and growth. The business is organised into five business areas, Automation; Electrification; Energy; Industrial Solutions and Process Technology.


The Celltech Group is one of the leading battery suppliers in the world providing a wide range of batteries from standard products to highly engineered battery systems which are custom designed and manufactured to meet our customer’s needs. Together with our extensive partner network, we provide our customers with value-added, high-quality, and competitive total solutions with efficient global logistics.

  • Design and manufacturing since 1984.
  • Over 11 battery companies through Europe offering value-added distribution.
  • Volume manufacturing facilities based in China, Finland, Germany and Bulgaria.
  • 400 employees, annual revenue > 140 M€
  • Certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Accredited to ISO 13485.
  • Technically adept across multiple battery technologies.


Since 1984 Celltech has worked hard on building long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. Our aim is to work closely with our customers and act as their battery department and provide the highest level of expertise. Originating from the Nordics we have been expanding our business to a global scale for over three decades. Today we serve a global customer base to every continent in the world. Since the very beginning, batteries have been at the core of our business.

Celltech has become a trusted and established partner in the battery market for several decades and knows the industry well. We are always striving to be up to date on the latest battery technology in an ever-changing world with new demands and needs. We are committed to being part of a sustainable and low-emission future where battery technology will play an important role.


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