With the increasing demand for wireless and connected (Internet of Things) IOT technologies, there is demand for reliable high-performance batteries to provide power for devices used in security, asset tracking, agriculture, smart metering, smart cities, and smart homes.

Many IOT projects rely on battery power to ensure data can be sent or received, and the choice of power source has a major influence on the long-term success of the project, both financially and technically. Choosing a battery that can sustain high pulse currents or provide a secure power source requires you to select a battery partner who can support your team to choose a safe, reliable, and high-quality battery system.

We have been distributing and manufacturing batteries for industrial devices for many years. The company has extensive battery knowledge across different chemistries on both primary and rechargeable batteries systems enabling us to select the most suitable battery power solution that will fulfil the customer requirement.

We offer a wide range of battery technology options with features well suited to IOT applications,

  • High energy density
  • Electrochemistry suitable for high pulse devices
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Low self-discharge and long lifetime performance
  • Stable nominal voltage

If you have an application that needs a battery-powered solution, contact us with your requirements and we will offer guidance to find the best possible solution for you.

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