Non-Road Mobile Machinery, specialist vehicles and electric propulsion systems

We are facing increasing pressure to electrify vehicles reducing emissions and noise pollution. Our lithium battery packs are perfectly suited to a wide range of specialist vehicles and mobile machine applications.

The introduction of electrical hybrid systems or full electrification for specialist vehicles sectors continues to progress rapidly. Choosing the right battery partner to work with on these projects is critical. With broad engineering experience in these applications, and our LFP & LTO battery systems offering unprecedented safety and high performance, we are well positioned to support you through the battery design and manufacturing process.

Vehicles for construction, agriculture and mining (CAM), and other specialist requirements such as drone systems, robots and Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) are being increasingly developed due to factors such as environmental sustainability, greater durability and higher productivity.

Existing Lead Acid based battery systems can be replaced with new Lithium based technologies, and specialist vehicles running with internal combustion engines are being re-designed for hybrid and fully electric power sources.

We will work with you to select the right battery solution. In many cases we will use our modular battery pack architecture, reducing design costs and time to market.

By selecting the right chemistry and optimising the battery system design, we will aim to maximum lifetime and provide reliable, safe operation.

Harsh environments, extreme temperatures set high demands for battery system development and manufacturing. We deliver modular and advanced battery systems that meet these high demands, and with our intelligent battery management system (BMS), we can monitor the State of Health and other battery system parameters to optimise battery system lifetime, safety and performance.

As part of the Celltech group of companies, we offer a wide range of battery systems suited for environments where eliminating emissions is key. Should you require any further information, contact us to discuss your project and technical requirement.

Case Studies – Battery innovation in motorsport

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