Organizations supplying the community with water, gas, electricity, and sewage continue to collect critical data using battery powered devices which need to be completely reliable and dependable.

Primary cells, particularly Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries are recommended for their reliability and have been known to power devices for many years operating at extreme temperatures. If a charging source is available, li-ion batteries can be specified.

We design and supply battery packs used within the Water, Gas, Electricity and Sewage sectors for applications which include leak detection, flow monitoring and data logging.

Renewable energy sources are also important part of our sustainable future. We design energy storage systems, utilising safe and reliable Lithium-ion battery technology for a wide range of applications including industry, rail, marine and remote or autonomous systems.

We provide backup power to hospitals, data centres, factories, power plants other organizations who need to secure continuous and uninterrupted operation. We have wide selection products designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance in stationary power backup applications.

Our solutions operate over a wide range of temperatures, withstanding electrical abuse, shock and vibration, and require little or no maintenance, offering an optimized total cost of ownership.

If you have an application that needs a battery-powered solution, contact us with your requirements and we will offer support and guidance to find the best possible answer for you.

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