Addtech focuses its organisation for future growth and presents strong 2nd quarter results

“Addtech’s business concept has been successful for many years. Its strengths are our unique culture, with its clear entrepreneurial focus, and how we cluster our companies to build networks that foster growth. The recent years increased focus on sustainable technical solutions, combined with a high acquisition rate, has afforded us a strong position with major growth opportunities, both in the Nordic region and internationally. Our new business areas achieve a clearer demarcation between our various niche strategies and can more effectively respond to future growth potential, both organically and through acquisitions,” says Niklas Stenberg, President and CEO.

The new organisation which came into effect on 1 October 2021 and comprises of five business areas with clear niche strategies. These new business areas are Automation, Electrification, Energy, Industrial Solutions and Process Technology.

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The companies within the Electrification Business Area design, manufacture and sell battery solutions, energy-efficient power supply and power transmission solutions, as well as components and subsystems for electric powertrain solutions. Paul Edwards, Managing Director at Fairfield Trading says “This is a subtle but important strategic change. It will assemble groups of like-minded companies with common business interests to best capture future growth opportunities. As a leading supplier of battery systems, the structure enables Fairfield to embrace technology markets such as low emission technology, energy storage, electric propulsion systems and carbon reduction initiatives, and respond to our customers’ increased demands for sustainable products”

Addtech has continued to experience strong underlying demand in the second quarter, with good growth in all business areas resulting in an organic increase in sales of 10 percent. The market situation combined with continued good business controls gave continued growth for the quarter.

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