Celltech test battery concept battery for Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) applications

Since the first days of motorsport the engineers’ ‘holy grail’ has been to increase power whilst reducing weight. These are goals that remain unchanged now, albeit with more technology to turn to but with other significant factors to incorporate. The most important being safety and environmental impact.

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A battery assisting the functionality of an Internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle or a complete battery system providing propulsion for a modern EV or hybrid race/rally car, are areas that engineers and technicians are constantly improving and monitoring in search of more power, less weight, increased reliability, higher safety values and a decreased environmental impact on previous technologies.

With the help of Celltech, the Turku University of Applied Sciences and LUT University (Finland), have undergone a test and development programme using our very own LTO battery technology.

The main goal of this programme is the specification, design, development, commissioning and testing a battery system concept for Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) applications. For the universities this was in the form of an e-rallycross vehicle.

Closed circuit racing, rallying and rallycross by their very nature are a cause for concern in battery safety especially where conventional Lithium chemistries are used. The increased risk of shock, vibration, fire, impact, and temperature overloads being factors that can cause thermal runaway and the resultant fire and smoke inhalation risks, plus harm to the atmosphere.

This is where LTO chemistry offers several key benefits for specialist off-road applications. The lithium titanate-based anode, allows for them to achieve very high charge and discharge rates, meaning they are capable of re-charging much faster than traditional lithium-ion technology.  

Furthermore LTO batteries, are known for its enhanced safety when used compared to alternative options. There are massive safety advantages for the end user making them a safe option for energy storage in motorsport because of damage through crushing and fires.

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“Being involved with battery supply in Motorsport for over 20 years, I am so excited with the projects that Fairfield Trading Co Ltd, the Celltech Group, and their partners are working on with LTO (Lithium Titanate Oxide) technology. This is a massive leap forward to a safer lithium battery solution for all forms of racing, rallying, rallycross and other applications in full EV propulsion, hybrid or ICE assisted programmes. Amazing work done by the Universities and engineers.” – Rob Manger, Motorsport Ambassador and Product Consultant for Fairfield.

The Applications for LTO technology is vast and we, along with our group Celltech are here to bring cutting edge modules to new and old systems. These will allow the end users to experience the benefits of zero emissions, easier maintenance, greater battery life, lower running costs etc.

If you want to learn more or you have an application that needs a battery-powered solution, talk with our team of experts and we will offer support and guidance to find the best possible solution for you.

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Follow the project here: https://erallycross.turkuamk.fi/e-rallycross/

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