With our new factory in Finland, Celltech Solutions have also opened their new website. Here you will find solutions for electrifying industrial vehicles and equipment, as well as information on the process of designing battery systems.

With battery solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. Our systems can be based on one of three platforms.  These have been developed to meet the requirements of different sizes and power solutions from storage robots to mining vehicles.

“Finland and Tampere are home to world-class expertise in this industry, which has taken great strides forward in the last couple of years. We specialise in designing and manufacturing battery solutions for industrial vehicles such as mining and forestry machinery. For industrial businesses, electrification is no longer an option to be explored in the future but a necessity and an integral element of their growth and corporate responsibility strategies”Celltech’s Chief Operating Officer Kim Nikitin

Serial production starting in Tampere’s new production facilities utilizes the latest technology and the best Finnish know-how. The industry is evolving, the green transition is taking over more and more industries and customer demands are growing rapidly. With our new facility we are starting up the serial production of battery systems for industrial vehicles. The factory will also include an Engineering & Development Centre (EDC) serving locations in six countries.

Tampere, Finland

“Fairfield is delighted with the expansion of our facilities in Tampere, we have also seen the recruitment of highly skilled engineers and talent throughout the operation which is beneficial for the development and growth of all our markets. Our customers are seeking the level highest of support for the delivery of lithium battery systems and the recent investment by the Celltech Group will strengthen our position as a trusted electrification partner” – Paul Edwards , Managing Director (Fairfield Ltd)    


If you want to learn more or you have an application that needs a battery-powered solution, talk with our team of experts and we will offer support and guidance to find the best possible solution for you.

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