Energy storage has become an integral part of the renewable energy network

At Fairfield, we are delighted to report the latest success from our colleagues in Finland.

A balance must be made between the production and the consumption of energy. Battery energy storage systems help support the increasing and variable nature of renewable energy production.

The global energy storage market is growing at a double-digit rate and the growth is expected to remain very strong. Battery technology is constantly evolving, and energy storage systems are easily scalable and a viable alternative to the more traditional systems and so can be used for many purposes. Due to their many advantages, energy reserves will be part of the toolbox of an increasing number of energy producers and users.

Our sister company, Celltech Oy, is Finland’s leading company when it comes to battery systems. They are also an importer of batteries and special accumulators, supplying energy storage facilities for power plants and industrial uses. “We have solutions for both indoor and outdoor batteries, and together with our partners, we take care of the sizing of the energy storage and, if necessary, the connection to the network,” says Anders Blomqvist, CEO of Celltech Oy.

Examples of the uses of energy storage include short-term balancing of own production and consumption, backup power, assistance in restoring network operation after disruptions, long-term storage, optimisation of network investments and frequency adjustment of the network. It is becoming more common for energy storage to be used for several different functions at the same time.

Utility-scale and industrial-grade energy storage systems are currently mostly designed on lithium-based battery cells. Their advantages include high energy density, long cycle life, good heat tolerance, minimal maintenance, and safety.

“We have long experience in different battery technologies and know lithium-ion batteries well. From Celltech, the customer receives the entire energy storage system. We are also responsible for the commissioning, maintenance, and user training of energy storage systems, as well as the recycling of batteries,” says Blomqvist.

Celltech will be taking part in the Network Fair in Tampere at stand A113 on 25-26 January 2023.

If you would like to find out more about this project and our capabilities, contact Fairfield (a part of the Celltech Group), your local power solutions partner on 01825 722 116 for expert advice.

Celltech Energy Storage

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