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Are testing approval requirements holding you back?

Discover the ultimate solution for all production volumes! Dive into the perks of our off-the-shelf Lithium battery solution, carefully crafted to meet your needs. Certified to UN 38.3 for transportation, UL2054, and IEC62133-2:2017, our batteries boast German craftsmanship and excellence.

Perfect for Medical Devices and Equipment!

Our Lithium-ion and Lithium-iron phosphate batteries uphold the highest safety standards, ensuring peace of mind and reliability for medical applications.

Here’s why our batteries are a game-changer:

Safety: With a stable chemical structure, our batteries are safer and less susceptible to overheating and thermal runaway.

Longer Lifespan: Enjoy extended longevity with increased charge and discharge cycles, ideal for prolonged use.

Performance: Benefit from stable voltage output, guaranteeing consistent power delivery for uninterrupted operations.

Wide Operating Temperature Range: From extreme cold to scorching heat, our batteries perform optimally, offering versatility for diverse environments.

Ready to explore further? Let Fairfield empower your future with innovation and reliability, contact us through our online form to schedule a demonstration or call us on 01825 722116. In the meantime, check out our extensive range of primary and secondary cells, including our approved off-the-shelf battery packs for medical use.

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