Lowering our impact on the environment is important for a sustainable future

LIA Life Cycle

At Fairfield we’re keen to enable a sustainable future for ourselves and others. This is why we want to ensure all parts of the distribution process of our products has as low an impact on the environment as possible. Our team attended the Lighting Industry Association’s conference this month here are a few of our key takeaways! 

Industry Growth 

The emergency lighting and industrial battery industries have been growing rapidly in recent years. However, this growth has come at a cost to the environment. The production of batteries, especially lithium-ion batteries, has been linked to environmental degradation and pollution.

To address this issue, the industry must take steps to reduce its impact on the environment and work towards creating a sustainable future. One way to do this is by adopting sustainable practices throughout the entire value chain. This includes sourcing raw materials responsibly, reducing waste and emissions during production, and recycling batteries at the end of their life cycle.

LED-Based Emergency Lighting

The Emergency Lighting Industry has spent the last ten years looking at “In Use Carbon” which is a phenomenal track record. The move to LED in emergency lighting has played a pivotal part in lowering our carbon footprint. LED-based emergency lights are finding more applications owing to reduced prices. These emergency lights are energy-efficient and require significantly smaller and lighter batteries with lower capacity.

The demand for batteries is increasing, driven largely by the imperative to reduce climate change through electrification of mobility and the broader energy transition. To meet this demand, battery manufacturers must secure a steady supply of both raw materials and equipment. They must also channel their investment to the right areas and execute large-scale industrialisation efficiently.

Fairfield’s Commitment to a Sustainable Future

The emergency lighting and industrial battery industries have a responsibility to reduce their impact on the environment. By adopting sustainable practices throughout the entire value chain, focusing on improving battery systems, and meeting demand through efficient industrialisation, these industries can help protect our planet for future generations.

At Fairfield, as a supplier of industrial batteries we are dedicated to fostering sustainable and eco-friendly approaches in the manufacturing and disposal of batteries.

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