Fairfield attended the Niche Vehicle Network in Birmingham

Fairfield (a part of the Celltech Group), had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the recent (NVN) Niche Vehicle Network at their latest networking event in Birmingham.

This event brings together UK niche vehicle manufacturers, specialist technology companies, and experts from the design and engineering community.

“This is a well-organized event hosted by the Niche Vehicle Network and the Advanced Propulsion Centre. Electrification of non-road and specialist vehicles is moving forward rapidly with machines running internal combustion engines being redesigned for hybrid and full electric operation. The Celltech group delivers modular battery systems well suited to many of these applications. This event was a great opportunity to share knowledge and information on systems and applications requiring professional battery solutions” says Paul Edwards, Managing Director, Fairfield Ltd.

Demand for long-lasting, efficient, safe, and sustainable battery systems with high power performance is growing rapidly. We specialise in developing advanced battery systems that enable our customer products to outperform the competition. With our common platforms, named Beetle, Turtle and Rhino, we can use some of the same components in many different application-specific battery systems without sacrificing a truly customised solution.

To find out more about our capabilities, you can view and download our new platform brochure here.

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