Understanding Fire Safety in Electrical Equipment: The Low Voltage Directive (LVD)

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Are you familiar with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD)? It is a crucial safety regulation that outlines essential requirements for electrical equipment operating within specific voltage ranges. Let us dive into the key points you need to know:

Low Voltage Directive (LVD)

The LVD, also known as Directive 2014/35/EU, ensures that electrical equipment placed on the market in the European Union is safe for consumers and users. It covers equipment operating with voltages between 50V and 1000V AC and 75V and 1500V DC.

Flammability Ratings for Plastic Materials

Plastic materials used in electrical equipment enclosures are classified according to the UL 94 standard. The ratings range from least to most flame-retardant:

  • HB: Slow burning on a horizontal specimen.
  • V2: Burning stops within 30 seconds on a vertical specimen; dripping particles are allowed.
  • V1: Burning stops within 30 seconds on a vertical specimen; non-inflamed dripping particles are allowed.
  • V0: Burning stops within 10 seconds on a vertical specimen; non-inflamed dripping particles are allowed.

Fire Industry Association (FIA) Recommendation

The FIA, a respected authority in fire safety, recommends that combustible plastic materials within fire enclosures should have at least a V2 flammability rating. This step enhances safety and reduces fire risks linked to electrical equipment. Read the FIA’s article here.

Implications for Installers/Maintainers

If you are an installer or maintenance technician, it’s crucial to confirm the flammability requirements for batteries with your suppliers before installation. If required, opt for batteries with suitable flammability ratings (V2 or higher) for added safety.

CASIL Battery Range: Safety and Performance

We’re proud to introduce the CASIL range of FR (Flame Retardant) batteries. With a V0 flammability rating, these batteries offer top-notch safety, long service life, high reliability, and low self-discharge rates. They are an excellent fit for applications like alarm panels, emergency lighting, and backup power.

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