Battery modules

Demand for long lasting, efficient, safe, and sustainable battery systems with high power performance is growing rapidly. We specialise in developing advanced battery systems that enable our customer products to outperform the competition.

Based on our experience, we have used an evolutionary development process to create a set of tough platforms to support our customers in industrial electrification.

These platforms have been given the names of Beetle, Turtle and Rhino. These living creatures bring life to our systems, with common attributes, we felt no other names would be more suitable.

The chosen platform can be used as a starting point for your company-specific solution. The platforms have been used already in many customer projects and have proven to cut costs and have a faster time-to-market. With common platforms, we can use some of the same components in many different application-specific battery systems without sacrificing a truly customised solution.

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BEETLE PLATFORM – A safe and compact power source

Designed to be very compact with no wasted space. When required, battery systems based on Beetle can be very small and light without compromising on safety.


  • 24 – 48 V
  • 0.06 – 2.5 kWh
  • Applications such as compact AGVs, Robots, Mild hybrids
  • Liquid / air / passive cooled
AVG Beetle Rendering
Mini Excavator Set Up New Group


TURTLE PLATFORM – Reliable and agile durability

There is no need to start designing new machinery around this platform. When required, we can offer minimum alterations to existing systems without compromising on the reliability and performance.


  • 36 – 120 V
  • 5 – 30 kWh
  • Applications such as small construction machinery
  • Liquid / air / passive cooled
TURTLE ID PLATFORM – Performance meets innovation

Here are the key features of the Turtle ID battery system:

  • High-Power Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Comprehensive Battery Management (BMS)
  • High Energy Density
  • Safety-Focused Design
  • Ready-Made charging interface

Turtle ID (Industrial) is the latest addition to the innovative Turtle platform. 




RHINO PLATFORM – A heavy duty ally in electrification of larger machinery

Typically at the very core of electrified heavy-duty machinery, our biggest and most robust platform is built for applications where high-power capacities are required e.g. when lifting heavy loads.

Rhino platform is sometimes used by itself, but many of our customers combine many platforms forming a very large battery system with a multiplied power capacity.


  • 300 – 800 V
  • 20 – 240 kWh
  • Applications such as heavy-duty Hybrid, full- E work machinery
  • Liquid / air / passive cooled
Ship Rhino Rendering

Our customers use the Beetle, Turtle and Rhino in varying dimensions and power capacities. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the most suitable setup for your specific need.