At Fairfield, we strongly believe that company growth and sustainability go together and a corporate focus on contributing to a sustainable future is at the centre of everything we do within the group.

We think it is likely that supporting a global demand for reduced emissions and improved sustainability will provide us with a competitive advantage. Presently we deliver power solutions that support our customers to develop low emission technology, devices, vehicles, and operations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their sustainable goals.

These values are shared throughout the group.

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Celltech is also fully committed to having a positive impact on people that work with us. Our environmental work is conducted within the framework of our business values and is integrated into our business decisions. By developing more sustainable products and solutions, enabling our customers to reduce their impact on the climate and the environment, we generate value both for our customers and for society.

We generally strive to minimise waste, prevent emissions, and take environmental performance into account in all our operations. As a minimum requirement, we comply with local laws and regulations, and where practical assume responsibility that extends beyond our own operations. In our Code Of Conduct, we require that our suppliers share the same values and protect the environment. We regularly review their efforts to promote sustainable development.

We take pride that our employees stay with the company for a long time. We want to maintain long-term relationships with our employees and do our best to offer secure forms of employment, a favourable work environment and individual development opportunities. Continuous skills development is important for us and we offer tailored training through our own business school, that is available to all employees.

All employees are to be afforded equal opportunities for development, regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, political views, sexual orientation, disability, or other distinguishing characteristics. We defend human rights and require from all our partners and suppliers shared values to comply with the requirements of national legislation. We apply zero tolerance regarding forced labour and work actively to prevent regulatory violations within our operations or value chain.

We have the highest business ethics, apply zero tolerance regarding corruption and work actively to counteract bribery and unfair practices that restrict competition. Read more in our Code Of Conduct.

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Ecosurety is the market leading producer responsibility compliance scheme investing in quality recycling. 

Fairfield complies with The Producer Responsibility Obligations – The Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009. This directive is designed to reduce the impact of waste batteries on the environment and increase recycling.

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